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So satisfying in when you visualise a shot, pick the right disc and execute it perfectly 😎🥏

Hopefully awesome Friday starts now with this 5th anniversary TIPA from Frau Gruber and a new episode of Varan-TV after 20 years 😃

Such clean guitars.. or is it mandolin? Lap steel? Love it. "Tocotronic and Soap&Skin - Ich tauche auf"

Having a lot of fun developing this interactive map for a touchscreen in the library. SVG is pretty awesome!

Taking my oldest kid to see her great-grandmother tomorrow. They haven't seen each other since before covid. Not sure how she will react to seeing her so confused and tired.

Me and a colleague got so confused by a git commit hash yesterday that spelled out a word. “f1bb1ed”, which we read as fibbled. “Who wrote this commit message?”. That’s a few minutes I’ll never get back. 😂

Beautiful (almost) spring morning on my way to the office. My unit decided on Wednesdays to be the day we all try to be there together as we're mostly still working from home.

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You almost always hit something here as there's so much twigs and trees you don't see from this angle. Still my favourite 😎

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Almost hit the perfect line for eagle on one of my favourite holes today.

Hmm... so listened to Rammstein - Zeit twice today on Apple Music and now the video has turned up as a suggestion on YouTube (not logged in)

Tried a new and still unfinished course on my lunch break today. Throwing a short 50 meter shot from a steeply elevated tee is so difficult. Was lucky to hit a tree behind the basket. Nice view though.

Started watching "The Defeated" on Netflix and immediately noticed the unmotivated swearing sprinkled into the script. This is my main gripe with most Swedish movies and shows... and guess what? The writer is Swedish! Mystery solved.

Became earwitness to a murder last night. 😔 Most likely another gang shooting.

Selfie with cat 

Finally got to meet his sister, Tigra 🐈💤

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