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Seemed to work better with <embed> instead of <iframe> though. When using iframe it would often zoom out to a world view.

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Not gonna mention to the rest of the team that I replaced all Google Maps iframes on our website to Open Street Map instead.

Couldn't help laughing when I heard "christmas lights as a hobby" on the news.

Beer packaging 

This 75cl bottle is a breath of fresh air in the “New England” IPA market compared to the seemingly standard 44cl can.

Winter season started earlier than I expected. Now with ribbons and friction gloves.

Been annoyed with how the trackpad tap sensitivity changed with the macOS Monterey update. Not sure if there's a new setting for it or if the update somehow changed it to "firm". Ah, back to normal.

Started to sell off a lot of golf discs I don't throw or intend to use as backups. Also cashing in on some rare ones. Kind of fun to play online store, packing and shipping boxes.

Haha gotta love it as a social studies student when you nail the answer to the chemical symbol of iron in Swedish game show "På spåret" just because of this record label

Adjusting the chair lumbar support by music genre 🕺🏻

Ugh, so every Swedish online store I've ever shopped at has now started "black friday week".

Most of our confirmed articles had data from the API, but less than half had sufficient affiliation information. Looks like it’s publisher dependent.

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Almost having a little too fun making a Vue app to visualize how well open data from Crossref can be used to get author affiliation info.

Drum'n bass for me is the No U-Turn sound, but it's difficult not to smile to this, what energy!

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