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Hitting trees with discs is much more enjoyable in the winter 🥏🌲

Got a nice Ellen Allien sticker for my laptop in the mail today 👽

A nice warm-me-up imperial stout from my local brewery after a chilly winter walk 🍺❄️

Today’s -9 degrees 🥏 round was more of a game of memory. Throwing putters only, not losing focus of the disc and keeping the visual marker fresh in mind. 😂

Got a proper webcam for work today, but didn't work very well under Ubuntu. Zoom and Teams kept crashing. Anyone with ideas, or do I need to ask IT to buy me another one?

Kid #1 changed school and looks like they use Google Classroom there. Not sure how it works exactly, but hope I made it clear enough to the teacher that we (ok I) don't give my permission for a Google Account.

Reorganized my disc collection 🥏. Easier access and all backups of the same mold are now in the same box.

Cleaned the drain pipes and now I can’t get them back together without leaking 😤

Couldn’t resist getting this “Fizzics DraftPour”. Makes great beer head, but first tries have been a bit messy and you can definitely argue about the price.🍺

Cut the hike a little shorter because of very wet trails and then darkness. 25km at least according to Apple Watch. 🌲

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