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Never give up! Lost one of my prettiest discs about a month ago in some tall grass. Kept looking for it every time I passed that spot. Found it again today after catching a glimpse of something red in the grass that’s now been loosened up by water and wetness. 😍🥏

Helped an older man check out a course book for his student child today at the library... his words kind of still echo in my head
"I shouldn't even be here"

It's still not as consistent as I'd like, but I've definitely made progress. Goal for next year will be 120 meters.

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Can't stop playing it... album of the year for sure.

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Long time no cans from Frau Gruber (at least for me) 🍺

Coolest disc ever. Marie Curie special edition Reactor midrange driver in glow plastic. 🤩🥏

Excited to launch yet another special theme at the Face of AIDS archive, just in time for World AIDS day tomorrow

Finally watched "Kajillionaire", another perfect Miranda July movie 😍

As you might’ve guessed, that beer calendar is already opened, gonna try harder with this Nespresso coffee one 😋

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"Anno Satana" and "Telegenix" are gems from the new Smashing Pumpkins album 👂

Never seen a tv series so brutally violent as "Gangs of London". So enthralling at the same time.

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