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So today we announce that thanks to a partnership with @Fairphone we have been able to port /e/OS to the Fairphone 3, and that we can now sell /e/-Fairphone 3 in the EU!
The #deGoogled OS on the #ethical smarpthone!
#ungoogled #android #privacy #mydataismydata

The Ace of Base - Happy Nation album has stuck with me since I was 12 and I still can't believe how dark it is

And speaking of Homeland, I will definitely be down for a “Young Saul Berenson” spin-off

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Gotta love this translation in Homeland s08e11... “Fuck yeah” to Swedish “Satans bra” (“Satan’s good”)... translating that back to English: “damn good” 😂

“Without an option to not call Google API's, I'd prefer to use other software.”

This is what every developer with a conscience should be doing.

Bravo 👏


Remember me getting excited for a quadruple dry hopped version of my favorite beer Fatamorgana? Omnipollo has now made an 8-tuple dry hopped one 😱🤩

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Met this little (big) buddy taking in the sun on the course today 🐍

Expensive beer 

BrewDog Death or Glory ☠️🍺

Went to a nearby field to throw while the kids had their outdoor training. Hoping to be able to reach over 100 meters consistently this year.

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