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Plans for tomorrow: take the later train, attend meeting, gtfo to hoard some beer and spend the rest of the weekend watching the Waco Annual Charity Open coverage. 😷

Wonder how much total time I've spent looking for bugs in my code related to spelling length wrong.

Sunday music and beer musings... what if Trent Reznor and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree era) switched place as vocalists.

The satisfaction of getting this disc down. Got stuck there yesterday with an overhand throw. Went back today hoping the wind would have pushed it down. 30 tree limb throws later and it’s back in my bag 😂

Still waiting for an equally impressive adaptation of the Erast Fandorin series.

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Four episodes in to “Babylon Berlin” season three ❤️

Had an awesome morning out, now I believe it’s February

Waiting for the first The Memorial 🥏 coverage to show up with a beer

Doesn't really look good to show the GB or US flag to signify English.

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Alternative to flags as icons for language switchers?

..and still can't believe it's February. Looks like snow is coming though.

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Love to start the workweek like this thanks to the "wellness hour" employee benefit.

Hoping to be able to go out and throw this Destiny tomorrow 🥏

Weekend starts with the excellent coverage of the FPO Las Vegas Challenge 2020

Very pleased with today’s design iterations in my current primary project at work. Started the day without any inspiration at all. Hope my brain can wind down a bit over night.

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