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Might also be time to re-watch "Magnolia" (my favourite movie)... been a few years now.

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Such an intimidating view on this hole, but saved par from the dropzone and got a nice skip on some ice on the field. 🥏🌲🌞

Time to appreciate both inside and outside of these beautiful cans from Grimm Artisanal Ales

"For the 5th year, Comic-Con International and San Diego Public Library will be presenting the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians (CCEL), a free-to-attend conference that will take place during San Diego Comic-Con at the nearby San Diego Central Library from July 22 - 26."

Proposal acceptance (see link below) comes with a complimentary 4-day San Diego Comic-Con 2020 professional badge and a free guest badge.

#comics #libraries

Excited to try this Paige Pierce designed putter prototype 🤓

Excited to try these news from Beerbliotek on Friday 🍺

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