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Never been a fan, but it's nice to see Carl Cox is still around, live and kicking

This morning's design challenge: finding the best Bootstrap utility color for journal open access statuses

We’re usually very supportive of each other, but couldn’t help laughing because of the unusually loud clank 😂

I seriously doubt Tom Clancy would have approved Jack Ryan season 2 😞

Dissed by my son: "You're more boring than news!"

Selfie from hopefully not the last disc golf round of the year 

Not too cold and not too wet. Great time even though I slipped and hurt my thigh and tore up some knuckles.

Latitude 64 mystery box 2019 spoilers 

Latitude 64 mystery box 2019 spoilers

That account will now take 30 days to delete before I can make a new one with the same email. Just so I can fake my kids birthday to get around the "parental" control.

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..and the crappy parental controls make me want to instantly return it. For some reason it completely ignores MY settings for what's allowed and only follow the kids account date of birth.

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Oh they joy of getting a Playstation 4... was hoping to actually play the same day, but there's a 50 GB game update.

Just discovered Electrolux has a robot vacuum subscription service. Looks good, and maybe the kids will stop nagging about a pet

Disc collector selfie. Signed by the 2 current (and 5x) world champions 🤩

"Roads" by Max Böck

Brilliant satire on modern web development.

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