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Oooh what a rush... we finally managed to beat Dormammu in Ultimate Alliance 3 💪👨‍👦

The emptiness after binge watching 4 seasons

If you're looking for an alternative to #PokemonGo, no need to ask @switchingsocial - I have the perfect tip for you.

It is harder, more complex, more fun, doesn't track you and you can play it on any device that has a camera: It's called #WildLifePhotography.

Or if you don't have any such device try WildLifeDrawing instead, which the former is a fork of.

I'm already a Lv 2 #Butterfly catcher. Check out my collection @paulakreuzer

Gotta document them all! #Biodiversity

Someone is happy at least. I’m just gonna pretend it’s DC. Kidding, I’m pumped to play too 🎮

Must be great to play daytime like this and be able to have your kids with you

Will most likely spend the rest of the evening watching the sets from Awakenings festival 2019

Really liking "Love, Death & Robots" on Netflix... Like the best from "Black Mirror" in a short format.

Ugh, dropped my phone.. The glass is fine, but somehow the inside screen broke and showing me grey lines and a green area. 🤦‍♂️

lol at the new Aziz Ansari special on Netflix 😂 Very subtooty material

Buying a beer and walking the streets to the next U-Bahn station in a summer rainy Berlin since the closest station was closed... Love it, this is the city of my heart ❤️

Very happy to see my 7yo be super comfortable on the streets and public transportation of Berlin 😎

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