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Just binge watched 5 episodes of "Titans". Loving all the details and references, but not sure if it's as enjoyable for casual or non DC-fans?

Apart from "Solara", the new Smashing Pumpkins album is meh

It's a tiring discussion trying to convince co-workers that we should not use Facebook's Workplace service at work. Everyone just seems too comfortable to care about ethics and privacy... and we're a library :(

Setting custom tabindex is probably such an fail, but reordering with flexbox renders so much faster than moving the DOM around.

Working on a prototype web app to vote on most important UN Sustainable Development Goals for an exhibition in the library.

Netflix should take on the Erast Fandorin series

If you missed Sonoj Convention 2018, check out the archived talk livestreams - lots of great ideas for music production with open-source software!
#sonojconvention #musicproduction #opensourcemusicians

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