Removed statcounter from my sites since I don't really need it. Should be tracking free now as long as GitHub, who host them, don't do anything weird.

@Zach View from a commuter train station, so no problem to wait a few extra minutes

@kev About that “nothing to hide” thing... what scares me is the machine learning on my collection of data that can piece together stuff that I didn’t voluntarily give to Google.

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Safari folks: use “Request Desktop Site” from the iOS share menu to nope your way out of amp pages.

(Do this before sharing URLs to protect your friends from Google tracking too.)

Excited to watch "The Man from Mo'Wax" tonight! Nostalgia level 💯

As a coding librarian it's a bit embarrassing that most bugs I create are because of faulty boolean operators 🤫

Third time today I put code meant to run after a loop inside it. Monday 💩

"Assassination Nation" is probably the most "realistic" scary movie I've ever seen, in the sense that I wouldn't be surprised if this happened

@rpcutts Yeah, I'm guessing the intro is maybe about how some brewers are already yesterdays' news or something.

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