Just watched "The Devil All The Time" on Netflix. Got me very curious about the book.

Got the world’s strongest beer in my hand 🍺🏋️‍♀️

@sexybiggetje @fribbledom Nice to see the option of planting a tree! Stopped participating officially a few years ago after learning how much water is wasted to make a t-shirt

Rewatching "Mad Max: Fury Road"... such a masterpiece

Good work spider. This hanging leaf was beautiful and made my day 🕷🍂

Finally! My favorite disc in my favorite plastic, if only a one time limited edition! Plasma Relay 😍

Waiting for beer o'clock... this day is slow.

I agree that it's not safe to throw over a walking path, but this is just inanity.

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The disappointment when your favourite disc golf course replace the hole pictures to the left with the one on the right 😢

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