Hmm, can't really detect any spruce in the taste, disappointing.

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Discs hitting the mandatory frame make such a loud sound it can be heard almost all over the course. Might add some extra intimidation.

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The Swedish National Tour will be played at one of my home courses next week. This hole will be a good score separator as the triple mandatory pretty much either give you a birdie or bogey. 😅🥏

The joy of finding two very unusual barley wines. One of them spruce infused! 🌲🍺

S03E01 of Love, Death & Robots did not disappoint 😂

@lori It's a minority for sure, but definitely more on weekend mornings here. I'm really lucky being able to play early almost every workday and avoid the loud dg bros in large groups.

@lori That's what I do, nothing beats having the course to yourself. :)

I was shaped by "Stockholm techno" in my teenage years and I still love this track to death

@lori Yeah that would be awesome with those lines circular instead.

@lori Not sure what that is, but imagining Axiom style different colored rim and at least triple foil.

@lori Gotta love this attribute: "Rim Configuration: 33.75" 🤷‍♂️

@lori Don't think flight numbers are part of the PDGA registration... so might just be a guess from the photo. Looks like a 10-12 speed to me.

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