Excited to try this Paige Pierce designed putter prototype 🤓

Excited to try these news from Beerbliotek on Friday 🍺

An academic paper about social networks misspelled Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed lol

I personally like that people are open-sourcing messy code. that's what a lot of real, practical code looks like. "good code" is an American-dream-like illusion that is used to sell textbooks.

Wonder what happened to LG HomeBrew... was announced at CES last year.

@switchingsoftware Very personal opinions.. .blue is too cold and the intro strong text might work better with the same accent color or more contrast

@torgo I get some breakage with blockers, but that’s just a sign not to bother with that site (shop, always a shop)

Portrait of a lady on fire (possible spoiler) 

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