Watching the 2019 Disc Golf World Championship final. Awesome coverage by JomezPro. Happy Patreon supporter.

Time flies! Been on the fediverse for a year today. Thank you everyone, you're awesome! 馃巿

Netflix should take on the Erast Fandorin series

@ohyran Guess it's the overall attitude of the chitchat and "ni" that matters for me.

@ohyran Yeah I like it if feels honest. Got a guy at my local ICA who's just the sweetest guy talking to everybody like he genuinely cares. That I can deal with 鉂わ笍

@ohyran I dislike it too, but in the end I mostly see it as courtesy. Flip out for me though was a store clerk asking me 鈥渟o what did you do this weekend?鈥

Take a look at this beautiful early release fail over a ravine 馃ぃ

Not gonna mention the score 馃槄, but I deserve a beer... in the shower!

Magnificent day! 36 holes played over 2 courses and 20 kilometers walked. 馃鉀筹笍

As a librarian it鈥檚 hard not to love this Swedish brewery name, roughly translated to 鈥淏eerbrary鈥

With a discatcher, my home office is now only missing a mini bar

Finally a beer delivery 

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