The Swedish National Tour will be played at one of my home courses next week. This hole will be a good score separator as the triple mandatory pretty much either give you a birdie or bogey. 😅🥏

The joy of finding two very unusual barley wines. One of them spruce infused! 🌲🍺

Managed to hit an 80 meter ace this morning also, so pretty much a perfect day 😎

One of my favourite holes, throwing my favourite disc (Crave). The green is so beautiful when the sun shines through. 🌲🥏☀️

As a suburbanite I rarely go to the city. Today I had to pick up my new ID card there though, so had lunch with a former colleague and picked up these big city beers. 🍺

Going to the office is more of a social thing than actual work these days. Today we played “rundpingis” 🏓 and had a couple of beers before going home.

Let’s see if this AirTag stays on. Survived the first ride at least. Tried a self-adhesive silicon case at first, but it fell off by itself over night 😂

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Scooter! Back in the house… yeah! Hope this one won’t be stolen.

Woke up at 5:30 to get a round in before getting to the office. Love the turnover shots on this course. ⏰🥏➡️☀️

So satisfying in when you visualise a shot, pick the right disc and execute it perfectly 😎🥏

Hopefully awesome Friday starts now with this 5th anniversary TIPA from Frau Gruber and a new episode of Varan-TV after 20 years 😃

Having a lot of fun developing this interactive map for a touchscreen in the library. SVG is pretty awesome!

Almost hit the perfect line for eagle on one of my favourite holes today.

Tried a new and still unfinished course on my lunch break today. Throwing a short 50 meter shot from a steeply elevated tee is so difficult. Was lucky to hit a tree behind the basket. Nice view though.

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