Long time no play at one of my favourite wooded disc golf holes. 🥏🌲

Midlife crisis as a disc golfer? Turn 40 in a few weeks and decided to give myself some new gear as an early present 🎁🥏

Spring fever! Snow is finally gone, so first time playing with my normal bag for 2 months. 😍🥏🌲🌞

Spooky fog today. Could hear other people’s voices, not knowing from where. The speaker sound from the nearby train station also carried all the way to these fields. 👻🥏

Starting to get fed up with the snow, even with shots like this. 🥏

Having a lot of fun coding at work at the moment. Does this count as an outline/focus ring?

Had to order leg gaiters after this. 🥏❄️ Shoes finally dry after 24+ hours, but smelly. :(

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