Beer packaging 

This 75cl bottle is a breath of fresh air in the “New England” IPA market compared to the seemingly standard 44cl can.

Winter season started earlier than I expected. Now with ribbons and friction gloves.

Good to see Shoshana Zuboff’s book get more attention now that it’s translated to Swedish.

Very happy with the new flippy midrange disc "Paradox" from Axiom Discs. Made a little demo/review video for it, showing off some nice shots for birdies. 🥏🌲☀️

First breakfast at the office in a very long time 🥪☕️💻

Had my portrait drawn by my son on this palmOne Tungsten E2. ✍️

Celebrating “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” with a somewhat sour barrel aged stout from FrauGruber 🇩🇪

Holy shit, it’s here! Thank you whoever made this possible and hope you are treated well! I don’t normally order from Amazon, but this was out of stock everywhere else.

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Gorgeous autumn day for disc golf shots like this. Gotta love that skip and roll 😍🥏🌲☀️

Torrential rain surprise in the woods today. This flooded walking path wouldn't let us out. 🌧🌲

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