Gotta love these shorty 25cl beer cans (44cl for reference) 🍺

Thought this would look cool in the rain, but you can barely notice 😂🥏🌧

Day in pictures… seem to have overcome my recent grip issues (mental block) and got a new distance record. 🥏 Celebrated with some nice new Nespresso coffee.

Took the day off and went “touristing” at Järva disc golf park on the other side of town. Was nice to throw the shot here and then buy the “painting” in the pro shop 🤩🥏

Just got the 2021 Pride Edition Apple Watch band 😍🏳️‍🌈⌚️

Excited to try these discontinued Vibram discs tomorrow. The engraved flight chart is such a nice detail 😍🥏

Usually not a fan of single hop beers, but got these anyway because of the “High Density Hop Charge” dry hopping technique used. 🍺

Love the elevation and water hazard on this redesigned hole! 🥏🌲🌊

All set for the virtual Adroit Theory beer tasting on April 30. 🍺💀

Long time no play at one of my favourite wooded disc golf holes. 🥏🌲

Midlife crisis as a disc golfer? Turn 40 in a few weeks and decided to give myself some new gear as an early present 🎁🥏

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