A nice warm-me-up imperial stout from my local brewery after a chilly winter walk 🍺❄️

Today’s -9 degrees 🥏 round was more of a game of memory. Throwing putters only, not losing focus of the disc and keeping the visual marker fresh in mind. 😂

Reorganized my disc collection 🥏. Easier access and all backups of the same mold are now in the same box. mydiscs.buzz

Couldn’t resist getting this “Fizzics DraftPour”. Makes great beer head, but first tries have been a bit messy and you can definitely argue about the price.🍺

Cut the hike a little shorter because of very wet trails and then darkness. 25km at least according to Apple Watch. 🌲

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Some 🥏 porn. Love the inverted rim on this proton plastic Axiom Crave. 😍

Caved in and went out and bought another desk and picked up my big screen at the office. So tired of working on that small laptop screen from the kitchen or sofa.

Never give up! Lost one of my prettiest discs about a month ago in some tall grass. Kept looking for it every time I passed that spot. Found it again today after catching a glimpse of something red in the grass that’s now been loosened up by water and wetness. 😍🥏

It's still not as consistent as I'd like, but I've definitely made progress. Goal for next year will be 120 meters.

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Long time no cans from Frau Gruber (at least for me) 🍺

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