I am wasting a few minutes today trying to get my palm lifedrive to sync with my Pop_OS laptop.

I got jpilot to install, and I have pilot-xfer. But I have absolutely no idea which TTY the palm is on, and I can't seem to find a method of identification?

This is one of those bits that I do once when I get a new computer and basically never have to think about again, you know?

And so I never remember how to do it.

And frankly, it changes between OS versions so much that I'm not convinced that I had to do anything other than USB: in jpilot the past.

Yeah, this is probably a modern Ubuntu and derivatives problem, or I'm missing something critical that I am failing to understand.

If I had an SD card reader with me, I'd just use that, but I only have a microSD card reader with me.

Turns out that I grabbed the lifedrive I haven't refurbished instead of the one I have, so I'm not super concerned about getting it to work RIGHT NOW anyway, since I want to get it to work with my other lifedrive.

If I manually modprobe the visor driver, it does appear to recognize that the palm is on ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1, but then when I press the hotsync button I get an error in dmesg that says

"usb 1-2: palm_os_4_probe - error -110 getting connection info"

which seems like a problem.

I'm going to try to reboot, and then try pilot-xfer instead of jpilot.

K, jpilot doesn't work and I don't know why, but pilot-xfer works if and only if I 1) press the hotsync button 2) check which USBTTY the palm pilot has connected to, 3) then start pilot-xfer.

If I start pilot-xfer and then press the hotsync button, it jumps to a different USBTTY?

Regardless, I now have the keyboard driver installed (on the wrong Lifedrive) and I can verify that it works.


@ajroach42 @MinimalClick Sweet! Got these out of the closet, but they all die as soon as I take them off the charger 😞

@mike @MinimalClick I had to replace the battery in my good lifedrive too. It's usually not too hard, but finding a drop in replacement isn't super straightforward.

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