Got invited to join a ~38 km hike along Sörmlandsleden tomorrow.

Cut the hike a little shorter because of very wet trails and then darkness. 25km at least according to Apple Watch. 🌲

@sexybiggetje It's pretty "warm" right now.. definitely not a problem while moving.

Still looks cord but fun :) good amount of kilometres

@sexybiggetje Never suffered from it at least and was a lot of fun. My two friends were gonna finish the last 10km in the dark 😱 We met this guy on a bike who said there was a place so wet they had to take off their shoes to get past a week ago. No thanks for me haha.

@mike at my previous job, I told someone around christmas that wet socks were never funny.

He took his christmas sock, put it under the water tap, then slapped the sysop in the face.

I was wrong.

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