New stuff from the brewery a couple of kilometers away 🍺😎

So don't buy Innova discs if you ever decide to try disc golf. Most other companies have awesome signature discs with women's names on them.

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"Korver said the signatures were not awarded for winning her titles. Instead, she originally came to the company to work on building its website. [...] the Valkyrie was part of a compensation package."

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Found this disc under a bridge for a water drainage ditch this morning. Wanted to find out how old it was and was intrigued by the story of the Juliana Korver stamp on it.

This made me teary-eyed, so I guess I'm old. Retro Jungle music production on Ataris and Amigas

Ya know, it’s funny. Every time Facebook, Inc. gets caught doing something creepy, it’s always just a bug. It’s also funny how, every time a mobile OS manufacturer forces security checks into their product, Facebook is always found out to be doing something in the background.

Funny that.

One course had all these cute hedgehogs running around the fairways and shrubberies 😍

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Had such a blast this weekend! We played 5 rounds on 4 different beautiful courses. Met so many nice local players letting us play with them and helping out. The disc golf community is amazing.

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Leaving home. Off to Örebro for the weekend. Will be chilling at a friend’s cabin and playing the local courses. 🥏🍺🛣

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you want to move your x-step feet 🥏 (selfie)

Gotta love the german vs dutch jokes in "How to sell drugs online (fast)" season 2 😂

While looking for mine in the tall grass I found another lost disc. A really crappy one, so just felt like a bad trade 🤨

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Still salty over losing a disc today. Usually not a biggie, but don't have a backup for it, and the only retailer in Sweden selling them can't restock due to covid. 💩

Because of working from home I hadn't played my club's course near my office in months. Felt good to be back out there, and also picked up the new club apparel 😎🥏🌲

Is this really a highlight? Must be pretty much all GitHub users, or did I miss something?

Some hoard toilet paper, I hoard disc golf putters in a plastic type that’s going out of production 😢🥏

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