Tried to take photos of the moon during sunset through a telescope 🌕🌅

The joy of flight part 2. Love to watch discs turn like this to avoid trees. 🌲🥏

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You know it’s hot when I jump into the ocean like this ☀️🥵💦

Oh man, missed this Larry David App Store reviewer video. Anyone know if it’s uploaded somewhere else?

the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes (via

That makes me wonder: if an AI copies my code, does the license still apply?

Will we run into a situation where GitHub Copilot keeps "unknowingly" laundering open-source code into commercial projects now?

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U.S. Healthcare Is So Trash This Game’s Localization Needed Changing

The American healthcare system is so uniquely terrible among developed countries that a localization team translating a recent indie game had to completely replace a line about crowdfunding an emergency medical procedure because it wouldn’t make sense to players outside of the United States.

First Greek brewery in my fridge I think. Seven Island. 🇬🇷🍺

Love this electronic music genres blind test series. Episodes featuring genres I'm not into myself are almost more fun. Got a crush on Kilbourne after this 90s hardcore/gabber one

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The 2021 disc golf world championships starts tomorrow. There's basically only 3 Europeans competing this year due to covid, but the hype is real 😎

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