Will be interesting to see if I get dog related ads after this as I'm pretty sure the payment provider tracks everything I buy through them (Klarna).

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Custom velcro patches have arrived! They are actually for a type of dog collar so had to draw over that branding 😎

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Interested to try this in my unit when I get back from vacation codereading.club

Haha what a weird early version of "I'm Afraid of Americans" by David Bowie song.link/i/1637129689

Going back to a classic this evening 🎸 The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium album.link/i/1440736868

Uhh, this beer was disgusting. Down the drain you go... Extra disappointing as I can almost see the brewery from my house.

First time at the cinema in a long time. We had the whole place to ourselves. 😎

And judging from this map image it looks like my daughter has finally arrived at the huge scout jamboree in the south of Sweden.

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Better late than never. Finally reached the distance goal I set for myself last year 😆

New bag with a dedicated laptop sleeve! Guess I need some velcro patches for it.

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