Ugh, so from September 29 I'm only allowed to work from home at a maximum of 49% every week 😞

Torrential rain surprise in the woods today. This flooded walking path wouldn't let us out. 🌧🌲

This Roxette cover of Metallica sounds like the soundtrack to an Astrid Lindgren story screen adaptation

Also proud I managed to get this remix of Susheela Raman's cover of Captains Beefheart's "Love Lies" as a b-side there

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If you didn't know this I ran a record label for about 8 years called Redvolume Records... still love the release that didn't sell it's initial 500 copies the most.

Dad joke in Swedish 

Carl XIV Gustafs mamma hette ju Sibylla, varför döptes inte kungen till Burger King?

Excited to try these goodies from Sudden Death Brewing while watching the first round of MVP Open tonight 🍺🥏👀

"I can’t think of any other company that has so proudly, and so publicly, distributed spyware to its own devices"

Spent the day making it work in Internet Explorer 11. Had to figure out some flexbox quirks and add CSS fallbacks to toggle hidden content since we decided to go full ES6 JavaScript. Usable enough now 😎

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It’s been updated from Drupal 7 to 9 and designed to look more like the university’s website (while still having some soul left hopefully). 100% remote team. Would probably not have worked as well if we didn’t know each other from before.

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Surprised the battery was still at 97% after being in a drawer for I don't know how many years.

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Got webOS cravings so started up my Pre3, but nothing with https works 😢

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